Rice University

Shared Equipment Authority

FEI Quanta 400 ESEM FEG

1. Users may only sign up for time starting at 10:00 am, up to two weeks in advance.  Weekend time will be available starting on the Friday two weeks before.2. Users may not reserve more than 10 total hours per week, running Sunday through Saturday, on each SEM.3.Users may not reserve more than 4 prime time hours per day on each SEM.4.Appointments made within 48 hours of their use do not count against these totals.

Windows XP Data Processing Computer

Dell Optiplex GX 520 PC, (SEA #108) Windows XP, SP-3, with MS Office Pro, MDI JADE 9.4, the ICDD PDF-4+ Materials Data Base and network access.This stand alone PC platform is configured for data analysis using Jade 9.4 and PDF-4 Data Processing methods. Data from SmartLab, D/Max, or other Powder XRD (.raw) can be imported and analyzed without instrument fees applying.